Open-source interactive learning

UneeBee is an open-source, white-label alternative to Duolingo. Easily create interactive courses to teach anything. It’s great for companies, schools, and creators.

Better learning

Interactive Lessons

Use the power of learning by doing with interactive lessons. Our platform brings scenarios to life, allowing learners to engage with content, make decisions, and see real-time consequences of their choices.

Turn education into an adventure. From progress tracking to reward systems, we keep learners motivated and engaged.
Custom feedback.
Provide instant, personalized feedback. Each lesson response can trigger tailored feedback, reinforcing concepts and guiding learners through complex ideas with ease and clarity.
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Teach faster

Effortless Content Creation

UneeBee lets you quickly build lessons that go beyond watching videos. Bring your content to life with real-world scenarios, making it easy to create content that’s interactive and impactful. Lead your audience through choices that matter, fostering a deeper understanding with each step.

Friendly editor.
Our editor empowers you to create courses with ease. No technical expertise needed. Design, edit, and publish your interactive lessons with a simple, intuitive interface.
Manage students.
Managing your students is seamless. Track progress, gain insights into learning patterns, and customize courses to fit the unique needs of each learner group.
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